22 Feb 2023



Daniel Boggio / live

The singer and creator Daniel Boggio launched her first mini-album at the beginning of the year,
“Mirrors”. She comes with the band to Nocturno, along with the songs from the album in special arrangements, exciting covers and of course – new songs. Daniel grew up in the north between the Kinneret hills, trained as a classical singer, she sings and writes and composes original songs in Hebrew. The album “Mirrors” was written from the depths of an inner dialogue and the encounter With the outside world as a mirror, it is a musical invitation to drift inward, ask questions and dive softly into our strengths.

● Entry from the age of 18.
● Doors open about an hour before the start of the show and it is recommended to arrive early.
● There is an order of food and drinks by waiters before the performance.
● The seating around the tables and bar, and the seating arrangement is determined by the venue staff (there is no obligation to sit around a table or at a table alone).
● Tickets can be canceled up to 48 hours before the performance, subject to a cancellation fee of NIS 5 per ticket. After this date there will be no cancellations.

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