Spectrum is a Jerusalem based nonprofit organization (Public Benefit Company) born out of the need to celebrate, strengthen and push forward the tremendous spectrum of cultures in Jerusalem, through the means of Music, Literature, Food, and the Visual/Performance arts.

Spectrum is run mostly by Jerusalem based volunteers, all giving their time, love and energy to the organization’s mission. Each of our staff members brings their own unique expertise, be it organisational skills, artistic skills or craftsmanship skills.

The combination of the staff’s skills allows Spectrum to exist, producing an almost nightly cultural even in Jerusalem, be it a concert of a famous Israeli music group, an album launching of an upcoming musician, a poetry reading night, a lecture about archeology or even a drag show!

While our website is not a 100% in english as we would wish, all of our events are totally english friendly, drawing a large crowd both of tourists, as well as Jerusalem based English speakers.

We’ll be so glad to see you in one of our events! What is a sweeter way to contribute to Spectrum, and to Jerusalem, than simply coming to enjoy one of our events?

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