Spectrum is a Jerusalem based nonprofit organization (Public Benefit Company) born out of the need to celebrate, strengthen and push forward the tremendous spectrum of cultures in Jerusalem, through the means of Music, Literature, Food, and the Visual/Performance arts.  


Our Activities

“Your name will scorch my lips forever,
Like a Seraph’s kiss, I’m told,
If I forget thee, Golden city,
Jerusalem of Gold.”

– Naomi Shemer

Spectrum is active in a wide range of fields and channels in various different forms of Art. After years of active involvment in Jerusalem’s cultural sphere, we are proud to present you with the organization’s past, present, and future activities and projects.

Each event has its own story, and a  different audiance. Amongst Spectrum’s events you will find concerts and shows by well known , as well as starting artists, album launches, photography exhibitions and plastic arts, parties and lecturs.

Featured Events

Winter is coming to Jerusalem, along with Spectrum’s exciting plans for the year to come. With Musicians, Dancers and Poets, this winter will be warm, exciting and fun! Want to support Jerusalem’s cultural life? Simply come to one of our events!

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Spectrum CIC

Bezalel St. 7, Jerusalem

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