02 Jun 2022



Anat Malamod Live

♦ Jerusalem Festival of the Arts 2022 – Modern Prayer ♦
Anat Malmud Live

Anat Malmud, pianist, singer and authentic artist whose love for the audience continues to cross sectors.

In 2016, her debut album, “Before Bed”, was released, thanks to which she received the ACUM Award for Composer.

In the time that has passed since then, she has managed to participate in many festivals, including “The Piano Festival” “Indinegev” and “Made in Jerusalem” and has collaborated with beloved musicians such as the Blue Elephant, Esther Rada and Adam Ben Amitai.

3 years ago she was signed by the company Helicon under the artistic direction and musical production of Roni Brown. Galgalatz.

Along with new materials being cooked in the studio, she is currently releasing a new show produced by Gal Golani, a gifted pianist, keyboardist and producer, who plays with the best musicians in the country.

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