21 Feb 2023



A new Acoustic Afro jazz Show


Sangit, percussionist, music producer and creator in a new acoustic Afro jazz show with new material from his next album “Ooroo” which will be released soon.
Sangit brings to the forefront his special sound as a creator and producer, layers of percussion and groove on exciting harmonies inspired by the worlds of afro beat, jazz and funk.

● Entry from the age of 18.
● Doors open about an hour before the start of the show and it is recommended to arrive early.
● There is an order of food and drinks by waiters before the performance.
● The seating around the tables and bar, and the seating arrangement is determined by the venue staff (there is no obligation to sit around a table or at a table alone).
● Tickets can be canceled up to 48 hours before the performance, subject to a cancellation fee of NIS 5 per ticket. After this date there will be no cancellations.

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