Rebetiko Songs from Piraeus and Izmir- Smyrna


22 Mar 2022



Greek singer Avgrini Gatsi is today considered one of the leading singers in the field of Rebetiko and Smyrneika in Greece.
Amongst other instruments, she plays the flute, saz in the falma, piano and accordion,
Performs in Greece, Europe and Australia, and is the lead singer of the legendary band Rebetian.

In the show, alongside Tomer Katz on Bouzouki and Idan Allamam on Guitar, Avgrini will sing a selection of songs written in Piraeus, the port of Athens, and those that came from Izmir (Smyrna), among others by the singers Rita Abzi and the famous Jew Rosa Ashkenazio.

| Tickets are limited | Entrance with Green Pass only |

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